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There is no doubt that winter brings bone-chilling storms that become unbearable without our home's heating equipment. You can consider Aire One Heating & Cooling for all your needs and services related to boilers in Hamilton. We offer quality and energy-efficient boilers, as you are our priority.

Boilers use fuel sources like natural gas, oil, electricity, or propane to function. They are slightly different from furnaces, as boilers are only used for heating. Some of the most common boiler parts are:

  • Burner

  • Combustion chamber

  • Heat exchanger

  • Electrical components

  • Controls

  • Radiators

In case any of your boiler's parts break or are working ineffectively, then you can call us for professional help. In addition to boilers, you can consider us for high-quality furnaces. Aire One Heating & Cooling provides furnace and furnace system installation, repair and replacement services.

Our experts at Aire One Heating & Cooling can assist you with quality boiler repair and replacement services. Call us to know more about our services! We would be happy to help both residential and commercial clients for your convenience.

Furnace Technician


The market is filled with a variety of boilers in Hamilton. You can choose one based on your specific home needs. There are two broad categories of boilers:

  • Heat-only boilers
    Heat-only boilers are the most commonly used boilers in Hamilton. They come in various configurations, such as a drafted natural vent, power vented, or direct vented. With natural/open vent systems, gases are vented out, and indoor air is used for combustion.

    Power vent systems vent the gas out the chimney or through the side of the house using a fan motor. The direct vent systems have high efficiency that exhausts the gas outside and uses fresh outdoor air for combustion.


  • Combination/Combi-boilers
    They are used for home space heating and hot water in your homes. You can consider combination or combi-boilers in Hamilton if you want to save your floor space or get rid of storage-type water heaters. The cost of combination boilers depends on several factors, such as their installation, efficiency, and system configuration.

    Combination boilers are appropriate for small to medium-sized homes stacked condo townhouses. The thermostat activates the energy source of the boiler, depending on whether you are using it for heating or hot water supply.


Boilers are one of the most common heating systems that one can find in Hamilton homes. The boiler heats the water and distributes its hot steam to different rooms via pipes. This entire process helps keep your home warm and comfortable during winters.

To ensure that you have made the right choice, you can consider the following things before buying a boiler in Hamilton:

  • The climate of the region to understand its fuel needs.

  • The type of fuel that will be required to operate your boiler.

  • The size of the boiler as it affects the efficiency of the appliance.

  • The energy efficiency of your boiler as it helps with electricity bills.

  • The space required by the boiler - whether it's standing or wall-mounted.

In addition, you can consider the heat distribution method and age of your home when you are planning to buy a new boiler. Bookmark our blog page to read the latest and informative content on furnaces, and it will help you make an informed decision.


Like all other home and office appliances, boilers need regular care and service for efficient functioning. Our expert technicians are always equipped to help troubleshoot your boilers and other HVAC equipment problems. Aire One Heating & Cooling can help you throughout the way, from boiler installation to maintenance and care.

We strive to offer complete customer satisfaction, as you are our number one priority. Our professionals ensure that you and your loved ones are comfortable during the chilly winter days. Don't hesitate to contact one of our experts for more information about our protection plans.


At Aire One Heating & Cooling, you can choose from various furnaces in different shapes, sizes, and functions. Furnaces become essential when the temperature outside starts dropping. In general, there are two types of furnace systems:

  • Central heating system
    Most homes have central heating systems for boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps. Central heating systems operate by circulating the warm air to the entire house.

  • Direct heating system
    Direct heating systems have a single heating source that helps keep your rooms and living or workspaces warm. They can be used for fireplaces, gas heaters, electric space heaters, and much more.

You can count on our experts for all your heating needs. Our experienced and professional mechanics can help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the most suitable furnace model.


A boiler is different from other heating sources in a few key ways. First and foremost, a boiler uses water or steam to distribute heat throughout a building, while other heating sources like furnaces and heat pumps use air. This means that a boiler can provide more consistent and even heat without the hot and cold spots that can sometimes occur with forced air systems.

Another difference is that boilers are often more energy-efficient than other heating sources, particularly in areas with cold winters. Because water or steam is a more effective carrier of heat than air, a boiler can often heat a space more quickly and with less energy than a furnace or heat pump in Hamilton. Additionally, many modern boilers are designed to be highly efficient, with features like condensing technology that captures and recycles heat that would otherwise be lost.

Boilers are often preferred for their versatility. In addition to heating a space, a boiler can also be used to provide hot water for showers, sinks, and appliances. This means that homeowners can use a single system for heating and hot water, simplifying maintenance and saving money in the long run. Overall, the unique features and advantages of boilers make them popular for many homeowners and commercial property owners in Hamilton.


Air handlers are primarily responsible for regulating, directing, and circulating the heated or cooled air produced from furnaces and air conditioners. Our air handlers at Aire One Heating & Cooling come equipped with high-efficiency blowers that can be operated at various speeds.

You can experience the following benefits of using air handlers in your homes and offices:

  • They help make your heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces durable.

  • It helps enhance the indoor air quality as they are fitted with filtration units.

  • They catch micro-organisms, duster particles, and pet danders from the circulated air.

  • Its varied-speed operation helps reduce your energy bill.

  • They prove successful in offering suitable zoning in your homes and offices.


Boilers have several advantages over other heating systems. Here are some of the most significant benefits of having a boiler:

  • Energy-efficiency: Boilers are highly energy efficient, using less fuel to generate heat than other heating systems. This efficiency is achieved through water, which can retain heat much longer than air.

  • Comfort: Boilers provide comfortable heating by distributing heat evenly throughout the home. This results in a more consistent temperature and eliminates hot and cold spots.

  • Durability: Boilers are built to last and are often more durable than other heating systems. They have fewer moving parts, which means there is less chance of a breakdown.

  • Versatility: Boilers can be used to heat a variety of spaces, including homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. They can also be used for radiant floor heating, which provides a comfortable and efficient heat source.

  • Reduced fire risk: Boilers do not use open flames, reducing the fire risk in the home. This makes them safer than other heating systems, especially wood or oil.

  • Improved air quality: Boilers do not blow air through ducts, so they do not circulate dust, allergens, or other pollutants throughout the home. This can improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms.

  • Lower operating costs: While boilers may have a higher initial cost than other heating systems, they have lower operating costs in the long run. This is due to their high energy efficiency, saving homeowners money on their energy bills.

Boilers offer a safe, efficient, and comfortable heating solution for homes and businesses. With their many advantages, it's no wonder they are a popular choice for heating systems. Contact Aire One Heating & Cooling to buy a quality boiler for your home in Hamilton today.


Aire One Heating & Cooling has decades of experience providing high-quality furnace and boiler repairs and replacement. Our technicians have the required expertise and skills to assist you with your heating and cooling equipment services. You count on us for paying close attention to details so that we can serve you better.

We offer customized solutions when you reach out to us, keeping your health and well-being in mind. Aire One Heating & Cooling are your reliable and efficient furnace and boiler service providers. Feel free to contact us with all your heating and cooling services-related questions, and we will get back to you at the earliest.



Aire One Heating & Cooling can help you with high-quality boilers in Hamilton.

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