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dirty furnace filter

As if you don't have enough to worry about, now you need to add another thing to your list, that is, changing your furnace filter in Hamilton. BUT, don't worry. We have created a guide here so you know exactly when you should be changing your furnace filter, so you can set it up in your calendar and rest easy. Keep reading!

Every 30 Days or Every 90 Days?

If you read up resources online, you might get confused because there are two different timelines for a furnace filter change. Let's clarify what these two numbers mean precisely.

When you are an average user of your furnace, i.e., you don't have to worry about allergies or use your furnace a lot (which might be difficult considering the cold weather in Hamilton). You can change your furnace filter every 90 days.

BUT, if you are a heavy user of your furnace, if you like it hot in your apartment or house during the winter, or you fall into any of the categories below, you will need to change your furnace filter every 30 days (or oftener than every 90 days).

  • Dust - if you live in a neighbourhood with lots of dust (construction or other reasons)

  • Allergies - if you have allergies to dust or breathing difficulty, clean air is crucial to you

  • Pets - if you have pets who are furry and shed a lot of hair

  • Heavy usage - If you live in weather that's particularly cold or hot

Looking at the categories above, you might fall into one or more of them. That's when you need to consider changing your furnace filter more often.

The great thing about your furnace filter is that it's easy to check and replace. If you feel like the air quality in your home isn't feeling that great, check your furnace filter.

How to Check or Replace Your Furnace Filter

It's pretty easy to check your furnace filter or replace it with a new one. You can do it in a few minutes, especially once you have the hang of it.

  1. Switch off your furnace first (always)

  2. Take out the furnace filter (notice its positioning, so you know how to put in the new one)

  3. Pop in a new one in the same position (take note of the arrow markings to see how the furnace filter is aligned)

  4. If you are cleaning the filter, use a vacuum and then wipe off with a wet cloth (dry thoroughly before putting it back)

A plastic frame indicates your furnace filter is permanent (not disposable), which means you can clean it instead of replacing it.

Keep Your Furnace Filter in Hamilton Squeaky Clean

Now you know how to keep your furnace filter in Hamilton ready to clean up the debris and dust from the air in your home. This way, you and your loved ones can stay healthy, happy and safe, primarily through the harsh winters.

If you are searching for an industry leader in HVAC services, check out Aire One Heating & Cooling in Ontario. Don't want to be bothered with the regular cleanup and maintenance of your furnace? They can do it all for you. Check out their furnace installation and maintenance services.


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