My Furnace is Leaking Water – What Do I Do?

All homeowners must be ready to handle furnace problems as they come along. It's an environmental issue that also causes significant damage. 


Water damage accounts for 48% of Canadian homeowners' claims. Leaks are a huge source of water damage for homeowners each year. These leaks can also create expensive and hazardous water damage in your home that a furnace Hamilton pro will have to clean up. 


You need a step-by-step guide on what to do if your furnace starts to leak.  We're happy to provide it. Consider these steps as your marching orders as you handle the work with the help of an HVAC contractor in Hamilton. 


Clean Up and Minimize Damage

Start by stopping the damage of the furnace leak as much as you can. Locate the turn-off valve for the water so that it's not constantly circulating in your furnace. 


Grab some rags and towels to start the cleanup. Ventilate the area and turn on fans to dry the floor surface. Use a wet vac if you have one to maximize your cleanup efforts. 


Many different types of mould breed in people's homes due to unchecked leaks. You can protect your family from the mould when you start this as soon as you recognize there's a leak. 


Consider the Causes of a Leaking Furnace

Knowing the causes of a furnace leak will help you stop it and prevent future problems. Examples of issues include malfunctions of the humidifier, clogged filters, and issues with the heat exchanger. The furnace might also leak due to existing plumbing issues. 


Grab a flashlight and explore the source of the leak to see what you find out. Knowing these causes will help you explain the situation to a contractor as you await their arrival. 


Hire an HVAC Contractor in Hamilton

A professional HVAC contractor will provide the best furnace solutions for your home. These pros will diagnose the issue and give you a plan for fixing it. 


The best HVAC contractors in Hamilton have solid reputations and years of proven experience. Quickly get them out to your property for cost estimates and a plan to move forward. 


HVAC pros can put your furnace on a maintenance plan, which will extend its lifespan and improve its performance. 


Handle the Furnace Repairs and Insurance Details

After getting price quotes, you'll know how much you have to budget to fix your furnace leak. Repairs can get costly, so be sure to also inquire about financing. 


Ask for these costs in writing and a list of every repair the contractor will execute. Check your furnace warranty to see if it's still covered. This can offset the repair cost, and you may be able to fix it free of charge. 


Reach out to your homeowner's insurance plan to see if this repair work is covered. 


Get Repairs for Your Furnace in Hamilton

These tips will help you when you're experiencing trouble with your furnace in Hamilton. Now that you have a game plan, you're prepared for whatever issues your furnace experiences. 


Match that game plan with the help of a go-to contractor that can handle the work for you. Aire One Cooling has served Ontario for more than 30 years and can help you with any problem you're dealing with. 

When you need the best HVAC contractor Hamilton offers, contact us online or call toll-free at 1-(888)-827-2665.