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Is it a Problem if My Furnace Repeatedly Stops and Starts?

Nothing beats coming home on a cold day, turning on the heater, and resting in the warmth of your home with your loved ones. However, if your home has frequent furnace problems, this can quickly turn unpleasant. 


Ranging from clogged filters to a damaged heat exchanger, there are many reasons why your furnace might not be working correctly. If you notice that your furnace is cycling a lot, meaning stopping and starting, this is also a bad sign. Not only is this a potential problem for your furnace's health, but it also can impact the longevity of the appliance and the comfort of your home!


Are you interested in knowing why your furnace might be malfunctioning in this way (and how to fix it)? Then, read on to learn all of the necessary information you need to know. 


Why Does My Furnace Stop and Start Again? 

There are a few reasons why this might be happening. For example, restricted airflow is one possibility. This usually stems from the fact that many homeowners do not know how to conduct proper furnace maintenance—which we will discuss later in this article. 


If the input and/or output valves are blocked by something, the air cannot adequately flow, and this might be why your furnace is experiencing short cycling. 


Another potential suspect for why your furnace is experiencing short-cycling is because your air filter might be dirty. If this is so, it could be a contributing factor to why your furnace stops and starts again because it's trying to "reboot" in a sense. 


How Can I Fix These Furnace Problems? 

There are multiple ways you can fix either a clogged furnace or a dirty air filter.


The following two methods are simple and—for the most part—strategies that you can use to fix any kind of furnace. 

Get a New Flame Sensor

This is by far the most common solution to a short-cycling furnace. If you get yourself a flame sensor system, it will tell you whether or not it detects a flame.


If it does not, the system will shut down and prevent the furnace from heating. This will ensure that no further damage is done to the furnace until either you or your repair service can take a look at it. 


Furnace Trouble Shooting Repair Services

This is somewhat of a backup/alternative if the first fails. Of course, even if you manage to get your furnace working again by conducting a DIY cleanup of the filters and vents and installing a new flame sensor, you still should contact a professional service to help you out. 


However, getting a furnace troubleshooting professional on the job from the start will allow you to rest assured that your furnace is repaired correctly. 


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